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“Tom” – A short story (My salute to the first day of spring)

It was the first day of spring and Tom was sitting on his porch. Next to him was a fresh cup of coffee that was sending ribbons of steam into the air. He loved the smell of coffee. He never actually drank the coffee, but mornings just wouldn’t be the same without a few whiffs of that most curious drink. Sometimes with some cream and sugar and sometimes just plain old coffee. He sat waiting for the rest of the world to join him. Though he generally preferred the darker hours – that was just the way he was – he loved this part of the day. The sun peeked through the trees at the top of the hill and reached out to the small valley with soft beams of light. The lush greenery would surely turn to ash from the fire that appeared to be dancing on the leaves and branches. It was beautiful. He would soon fall asleep and leave the daylight to those living with the obvious need to be seen and heard, but … Continue reading

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