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#ThursdayWriteUp 15 – Unfinished Business

I know… I missed another Thursday and Friday last week. Maybe I should change my posts to #EveryOtherThursdayWriteUp and #EveryOtherFridaySnippets? Anyway, what a couple of weeks it’s been! I’ve made good progress on a couple of my “secret” (and soon to be revealed) projects and better progress on my priority projects. Not only that, but I even posted to my blog outside of #FridaySnippets and #ThursdayWriteUp! I’ll tell you about that in just a minute, along with some other exciting news. I want to get to my famous bullet list before the A.D.D. kicks in. 😉 Here’s the breakdown of my activity for the last two weeks: Wrote about 2,500 words on WIP Worked on more music Started designing a sofa table Almost blew up my laptop Contemplated snow zombies Lost about ten pounds (that’s short for “I only lost about 8 pounds. I shouldn’t have eaten the whole pack of Oreo’s. *sigh*”) Picked for “Klema On The Road” Fed the cat Okay! Got that out of the way! Last Saturday it FINALLY snowed here! Now, it … Continue reading

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