#FridaySnippets 12 – More from “Boots”

This week’s #FridaySnippets is from my current WIP “Boots”.

This scene is simply the introduction of Special Agent Rake. It’s further into the story than anything I’ve posted before, but still closer to the beginning than the end.

FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft (before any edits or corrections) so be ready for some rough writing! 😉

“I don’t have time to waste on guesses. I need to KNOW what we have to work with.”

“I understand completely. You just go ahead and keep hoggin’ all our donuts and coffee – you selfish, overdressed fuck – and we’ll continue doing all the work and making sure you get all the credit.”

That’s what Dillard wanted to say. Instead, as one who actually appreciated the level of selfless integrity that was expected of an officer of the law…

“I understand completely. We’re working on nothing else at this point and will keep you updated in a timely manner.”

“That’s good to know and much appreciated. The last thing we need right now is a lapse in the information flow. It’s hard enough to deal with just one psychopath wreaking havoc in these hills. If what they’re saying is true, we’re not going to get more than a nap any time soon.”

With that, Special Agent Rake headed toward the old unmarked cruiser that Dillard’s boss had provided until agents from the closest field office showed up with a shiny new government issued vehicle that would undoubtedly be loaded with all the latest technology and firepower that a fancy-pants “special” agent would require while ordering all the local law enforcement to process crime scenes and fetch him coffee.

Who knows, maybe luck would shine bright and the whole psycho party would move over the hill. Rake would have a great time with the good ol’ boys that wore badges in that town. He had no idea how glad he should be that it hadn’t started there instead of here. He’d have been lucky to be loaned an old garden tractor until the rest of the Feds got here.

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6 Responses to #FridaySnippets 12 – More from “Boots”

  1. I love what Dillard WANTED to say! Rake seems like the type of person in charge that everyone loves to hate.

    • G.R. Bliss says:

      Haha! Yes, some people will certainly feel that way about him. I have a feeling there are a few folks in Boots that will be wearing similar shoes. 😉

      Thanks Clare!

  2. I agree with Clare: I love the difference between what he wanted to say and what he actually said, everyone can relate to something like that and it’s good to show how politically correct they have to be in the work place. A really nice bit of humour! 🙂

  3. Rooting for the whole psycho party to move uphill 🙂 Already told you so, but I like your voice a lot.

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