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Blissful Moments – #1313

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ThursdayWriteUp #13 – 1/3/13 (and a week)

Wow, I just realized how cool it would have been if I had jumped back in to my #ThursdayWriteUp routine last week. “#ThursdayWriteUp #13 – 1/3/13” I KNOW! Oh well, I guess I should be happy enough that I survived the end of the world. That being the case, there’s much to do in 2013 and, sorry, no resolutions this year. This week I’ve spent most of my time sorting through all that I left alone by unplugging for the holidays. Re-organizing notes, lists and scraps with scribbles on them. I also spent about half a day attacking my email in-boxes (word of advice: If you plug in at all while on vacation, use that time to keep your “unread mail” number from climbing into the thousands). I took a little time to see what folks have posted on their social media sites and doing a bit of research for my projects. As far as the projects go, I’ve tapped out a few words this week but not enough to brag about. Most of my week was … Continue reading

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