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#ThursdayWriteUp 12 – MeNoTimeFo NaNoWriMo :(

I’m such a slacker. Well, when it comes to proving my absolute dedication to social media and blogging lately. Aside from this post – Blissful Moments – #532 – I’ve been almost non-existent on the internet going on two months now and, though I miss interacting with many of the wonderful people, I’m not feeling too bad about it. To clarify, I’ll give you another one of my bullet lists. I don’t feel bad about being scarce on the Internet lately because: I’ve accomplished much more in the last two months than any other THREE months in 2012. That’s all. I just feel that it takes at least two points to make a bullet list. Yeah, I’m one of “those”. I know, I know… I’m missing the whole point of having a “platform” in the digital world these days, right? Actually, I’m not. I’m simply not missing the point of having something worthwhile to place on that platform. Which brings me to my #ThursdayWriteUp for this past week month. I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year and … Continue reading

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