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#FridaySnippets 10 – A peek at my NaNoWriMo project

I’ve missed #FridaySnippets for a couple of weeks now because I’ve been extremely busy with all of my current projects. Sharing a good chunk of the blame for stealing Internet time is my NaNoWriMo project. Although I haven’t posted any progress on the NaNoWriMo site, I have been making some progress. That said, I’ve decided to post a little bit of it for my #FridaySnippets this week. FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 After all this planet had been through, Red wasn’t sure if it was right to think there might be some hope left. Only a few grains remained and, as far as he could tell, they had nothing left in them but mass. Retrospect offered nothing toward a silver lining in all of this. The world was gone and somehow he had lived to see it take it’s dying breath. Now what? The normal human response would be … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 11 – Late & Stuff

Hey everyone, I’m back! (for now) Yeah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything but hey, life happens, right? There are a few reasons and, since most of them still apply at the moment, you get bullet list today! 😉 Writing stuff Away from Internet connection (& stuff). Holiday season stuff Writing stuff NaNoWriMo stuff (yes, I’m still making an attempt even though I haven’t logged on to post progress since day 1) Music stuff Re-decorating stuff Writing stuff Secret project stuff Music stuff Travel stuff And a bunch of other stuff That’s it in a nutshell. On topic, I’ve written quite a bit for both “Boots” and “Bodies” and it seems the latter is gaining ground on the #1 priority campaign between the two. I’ve also done a bit for my NaNoWriMo effort, but haven’t put it all on my little laptop here to get an actual word count. I’d guess I’m somewhere between 10k 15k words so far. Not too impressive but I’m going to keep trying for that 50k mark. My “secret” … Continue reading

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