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#FridaySnippets 9 – “Good Samaritans”

I was going to post a snippet from “Boots” this morning until I realized that I had poured my coffee, turned on my laptop and gone to full-screen mode with terrible thoughts in my head. I have no idea what I will do with this little flash, if anything, but it was fun to write! FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 There wasn’t much food left but it didn’t matter at the moment. Brendan wasn’t feeling too hungry at this point. It was colder today. Not much, but enough to make him realize he would have to find a way to keep the weather outside where it belonged. If he could build a fire there was a chance he wouldn’t freeze to death by the time winter set in. Yeah, that would keep the frigid air at bay, but would also create a beautiful flicker of light and trail of … Continue reading

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