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#ThursdayWriteUp 10 – A little bit of everything

This week’s been, at best, a semi-productive week for my writing WIP’s. I’ve done some character building for “Bodies” and spent a few hours (total) working on the maps for the story. With the new characters I realized that the old maps didn’t work too well, so I broke out the heavy equipment and moved some roads and relocated a few folks. Boots received some attention this week in bits and pieces. No new chapters or full scenes, but quite a few little snippets tacked on to unfinished parts with a few prospective scenes thrown in. I expect to dedicate at least one full day, if not more, to this project over the next week. I would have liked to have a higher word count for the week but I’ve already found a bit of inspiration with the new landscape. To put it simply – If I take the time to transfer what’s bouncing around in my head into words over the next week, I could bring my average weekly word count on this project to a … Continue reading

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