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MUSIC REVIEW: Josh Doyle – New album release!

ALERT: SOLARSTORMS IS COMING! “Um…Mr. Bliss, shouldn’t that be ‘Solar storms ARE coming’?” Nope! No impending black-outs or fried astronauts (really?). But, in my opinion, its perfectly safe to assume that what I’m referring to will have a global impact on electronic devices, atmospheric conditions and the number of people suffering from Beltitinauto disorder (uncontrollable “car singing”). And it’s all Josh Doyle’s fault. You see, a few weeks ago I entered a contest to win an autographed copy of his upcoming CD… and I won! So, after listening to all the songs a few (bazillion) times, I decided I would make my return to music reviews with my take on the CD. Interested? Well, GREAT! Here ya go: Tomorrow (Tues, Oct. 23 2012) is when Josh Doyle releases his self titled CD which includes the recently released single “Solarstorms” – a track that’s as powerful and awe-inspiring as it’s namesake. The rest of the tracks on this CD are as impressive and refreshingly diverse. Though the overall feel of the CD is somewhere around alternative rock/Americana, it’s … Continue reading

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