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A Writer Is Born!

Today, I’m beaming with pride folks! No, I didn’t get a $64,000,000.00 book deal. Heck, I haven’t even finished the first draft on my current WIP. And I’m not pregnant (though, if I were, I’d probably be worth more than $64,000,000.00 soon enough). What I’m proud of today has very little to do with me, except for the fact that I may have had a hand in delivering a newborn today. One that will most likely go on to finish their first draft and get that $64,000,000.00 book deal! Not a “BABY” newborn. A newborn writer! *smiling and patiently waiting for the applause to cease* Just to be clear, all I did was poke them with a stick until they bled words offer gentle encouragement and a little humble advice to someone after they had expressed an interest in writing. But still, I’m excited! That’s one less person in the world that will think I’m a complete lunatic just because I never go anywhere without a pen and pad of paper. Enough of my ramblings. The real … Continue reading

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