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#FridaySnippets 8 – “Transits” (a side project)

This week’s #FridaySnippets is from one of my secondary projects. The working title is “Transits” but will likely change as I get closer to the final draft. This scene is a bit into the story so giving you a smidge of setup might not be a bad thing. On second thought, I think I’ll let it stand alone for now. I don’t want to spoil the beginning for you, do I? 😉 FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 After a few hours, the space in the back of the box truck seemed to lessen and conversation was nothing but a memory. Most of the men were in some state of meditation while others – the lucky ones – had actually fallen asleep. The truck’s engine suddenly slowed as one of the men in the cab pounded three times on the window that separated the two groups. As the echo of … Continue reading

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