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#ThursdayWriteUp 8 – I’m back!

I almost skipped my #ThursdayWriteUp two weeks ago because I had spent much of the week on things other than writing. I did spend some of that time writing, but mostly things other than my “official” projects. A little poetry, a few songs and some less than creative but necessary scribbling and figuring to keep my life in balance outside of the artistic realm. So what happened to last week’s #ThursdayWriteUp? Well, during my little break I spent some time thinking about my normal writing schedule and realized that most of the things that were distracting me were not things like finances, yard work, home repairs or the desire to take some “me time”. Care to take a guess what took first place in that contest? Time’s up. And the winner is: My writing schedule. Okay, probably not the schedule itself, but that it was a little vague and lacked structure where priority and limits were concerned. I’m still working on it but, to give you an idea of how it’s worked for me that last couple … Continue reading

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