#ThursdayWriteUp 6 – Up a creek without a paddle.

“In order to write about life first you must live it.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m finally done with hotel coffee for a bit!

After traversing six states over the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally made it back to my own coffee pot. I’m not sure what they think you’re suppose to do with just one little teabag sized coffee pouch in hotel rooms but thankfully housekeeping was kind enough to give up a few extra per day.

And that concludes my list of positive things to say about the hotels on this trip.

I’ll refrain from a full hotel review on this post but, since I brought it up, I’ll give you a short version.

Now, I’m not one to stay in “fancy” hotels but I definitely try to book rooms in places that at least offer the benefits, conveniences and hospitality that keep a place from being called a MOtel. Sadly, these places were barely fit for either name.

To keep from turning this into a rant I’ll just give you a list of issues:

    • Room door lock stuck (and no other rooms available… even though the one directly next door remained empty the whole stay).
    • Door covered in oil/grease (spray lubricant that they never wiped off after trying to force the lock open. Actual problem: Battery in the keycard lock was dead… just like the little red light said. Brilliant.)
    • Dirty walls. REAL dirty. Like “Hey! Let’s go get this engine grease off our hands by wiping them on a hotel room wall!” dirty.)
    • Grout in bathroom was dirty (see “Dirty walls”).
    • No internet connection (despite the “Free High Speed Wi-Fi!” signs all over the place).
    • OLD tv that only worked part of the time (despite the “New flat screen tv” advertising. I guess somebody else got that room).
    • Hockey pucks and gravy for breakfast.
    • Random water temperatures flashing out of the shower head.
    • No mint on pillow.

Okay, so I’m not real upset about the mint, but there is no wonder why it’s referred to as the “hotel” industry these days instead of the “hospitality” industry.

On the positive side, the hotel experiences are all I can think of that were less that wonderful this trip!

someecards.com - Sometimes I have an uncontrollable urge to kill. I mean canoe.I was able to visit with some good friends and make some new ones. The weather was beautiful most of the time and so was the scenery. And, even though I spent much of last week inhaling chips and dip, the rest of my diet on the road was varied and wonderful. I had beef, chicken, turkey, duck, pork, shrimp, crab (snow and blue), mussels, squid, scallops, fried pickles and a low hanging tree limb.

Well, I didn’t exactly EAT the tree limb, but I’m pretty sure it was trying to breach the outer me in some way.

I love rivers and canoeing but it’s been a while since I’ve put the two together so… um… well, somewhere in the Blackwater River there are sunglasses, a few bottles of water, a box of brownies, candy, a lighter and a soggy pack of cigarettes. The cooler, shoes, some of the bottled water and sandwiches in zipper bags were buoyant. For a moment though, I had lost sight of my paddle and thought I was stuck in that wonderfully cliche` situation. Thankfully I also love to swim.

Have you figured out my writing progress for the week yet?

To sum it up: This post and MAYBE that many words in notes during flashes of inspiration.

Even writers need to take a vacation occasionally. 😉

What was your week like?

Let me know in the comment section below and, if you’re on Twitter, every week at the #ThursdayWriteUp. I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week and thanks for spending time with me!


2 Responses to #ThursdayWriteUp 6 – Up a creek without a paddle.

  1. Taking a break is good for writing. And even though the hotels were awful, think of them as writing fodder 😉

    • G.R. Bliss says:

      Absolutely! And the days I took on this trip were actually planned to be “vacation” time. Not usually the case for me. I’m having a bit of a time trying to rev back up to work though. To top it off, I found out I’m booked this next week for an extra night of acoustic awesomeness! **cough!cough!**

      Two more days on the road next week (planned) and then I should be back to a better writing schedule.

      Thanks for the comment! 😀

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