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#FridaySnippets 5 – “Armoth Ridge”

This week’s snippet is from my recently “benched” WIP “Armoth Ridge”. Not real intense, but a finish on the introduction of a main character (Aaron). A “calm before the storm” moment I suppose. FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft (before any edits or corrections) so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 “Green Acres, it’s your dime.” was how Aaron answered the phone. Steve laughed and asked if he could talk to the pig. “Sorry, but he’s out fixin’ the John Deere right now, can I help you?”. “So how do ya like the old ranch so far? I hear it’s got a cute mailbox!” “Yeah, it’s just adorable…” Aaron was use to L.A. where you either had one of those mailboxes that hung on the porch wall or a mail slot in the door that made the dog feel like it got a special treat everyday about the same time for no apparent reason. He never thought he’d have his very own “cow with a turtle on it’s head” mailbox perched on … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 5 – Want chips with that?

What I said last week: “I will be back to a normal writing schedule next week.” Two things wrong with that: 1. The road doesn’t afford a “normal” schedule for anything. 2. The words “back to a” shouldn’t be in that statement because that would be saying that I actually had a “normal” writing schedule at one point in my life. That said, here’s what I’ve been up to this week: The weekend was primarily spent trying to gain ground on non-writing commitments that have suffered because of travel, holidays and my fight against a healthy BMI. Even so, I was able to tap out a few more bullet points for “Bodies” and spent a fair amount of time staring at the wall rethinking some of the early chapters of “Boots”. In between those moments I prepared for some time on the road. Now, I could blame my failure to reach my 12,000 word goal this week on the fact that I forgot to bring the little plastic zipper bag of real coffee to replace whatever it … Continue reading

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