#FridaySnippets 4 – “Boots”

This week’s snippet is from my primary project “Boots”. It is the introduction of Wade’s friend, Trip.

As are most of my snippets, this one is a rough draft in the “almost brain-spill” category. Key word: ROUGH.


“Hey Wade! How ya be?”

Wade turned and a smile instantly covered his face. “Howdy Trip! Cain’t say I need much!”

That was the normal exchange between the two of them. Their own little way of bracing for the way everyone else acted around Wade when he was in town for his shopping. The folks in town weren’t mean to him. They just seemed to think that he wasn’t too smart so they always treated him like he was a kid.

They were always trying to talk him into moving to town and staying at the church home or the shelter while he applied for some kind of government assistance. When he said “Why?”, they would always answer him with “So you can have the things you need and a nice, clean place to stay and…” which always made him a little mad, even though he would never show it.

Now he just tells them “No thanks. I’m doin’ fine. Cain’t say I need much.” and then, he and Trip usually walk off trying not to laugh out loud. Trip never treated him like that. Why should he? Wade wasn’t dumb at all. He just didn’t like things to be complicated.

They walked toward each other and suddenly, as if marching in a parade, they turned toward the fried chicken place and Wade’s favorite little trading post, one of those “everything for a dollar” stores. They had all that he needed and it made planning his budget easy. Five things, six dollars. Seven things, eight dollars. And on the light trips, one thing, two dollars! The extra dollar was, of course, to cover the sales tax. It was also to feed his butter bank. He always put the change from the tax dollar into an old butter churn he had found and kept behind his supply baskets.

“So what are ya pickin’ up this trip Brother?”

Wade shrugged and said “Just some candles an’ somethin’ to fix m’wind jacket. I put a tear in it pretty good the other day.”

“NO bro!” Trip said, mocking frustration and pointing his thumbs at his chest “I mean, what are you pickin’ up THIS Trip?”

Wade scrunched his face and gave him a dirty look. Then they both busted out laughing.

“OH! And I’m gonna git s’more candy. All I got left is the cherry kind. You sure you don’t want ’em? I can bring ’em next time I come in.”

Trip wasn’t a big fan of the cherry kind either.

“Naw. But thanks anyway. Ya feel like gettin’ some bird today? I think Deen is workin’.”

“I ain’t too hungry fer now. I better just git back home. ‘Sides, I hafta fix m’wind jacket.”

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7 Responses to #FridaySnippets 4 – “Boots”

  1. I like the dialogue, the dialect comes across really clearly. Trip seems like a nice guy and a good friend for Wade.

    The change of tense in the middle threw me a little bit.

    Great snippet, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • G.R. Bliss says:

      I’ve lived in some pretty rural areas through the years so it’s not much of a stretch for me. I just sound out how many of my friends say things. πŸ˜‰

      I have been working on consistency in tense (among other things!) in my “fingers flying over the keyboard” roughs. That’s one of the things I love about things like Friday snippets – I get checked early in the process and it provides good excercise!

      Much appreciated! πŸ˜€

  2. I quite like the simplicity of it, he seems very childlike and quite content in his ways.

    • G.R. Bliss says:

      I have fun writing Wade. It’s a nice escape to enter that mindset for awhile. A bit therapeutic actually. Makes me think about how complicated we make things most of the time.

      Ironically, I tend to run long when I start writing him. Is that wierd? lol

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Kat Ellis says:

    I like the dialogue a lot – as Clare said, you get a great sense of the accent. πŸ™‚

  4. Fascinated by accents in general and your writing is clean and concise. Greatly enjoyed dialogues and atmosphere.

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