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#FridaySnippets 4 – “Boots”

This week’s snippet is from my primary project “Boots”. It is the introduction of Wade’s friend, Trip. As are most of my snippets, this one is a rough draft in the “almost brain-spill” category. Key word: ROUGH. Enjoy! “Hey Wade! How ya be?” Wade turned and a smile instantly covered his face. “Howdy Trip! Cain’t say I need much!” That was the normal exchange between the two of them. Their own little way of bracing for the way everyone else acted around Wade when he was in town for his shopping. The folks in town weren’t mean to him. They just seemed to think that he wasn’t too smart so they always treated him like he was a kid. They were always trying to talk him into moving to town and staying at the church home or the shelter while he applied for some kind of government assistance. When he said “Why?”, they would always answer him with “So you can have the things you need and a nice, clean place to stay and…” which always made … Continue reading

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