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#FridaySnippets 3 – More “Bodies”

I woke up this morning with “Bodies” in my head (see #FridaySnippets 1 – “Bodies”) so I poured some coffee and let my brain spill for a while. Here’s a little of that brain-spill (unedited first rough): What was he going to do when he ran out of space? Clyde had no desire to dig where he already had. Sure, there would be nothing left but bones by the time he ran out of new spots, but who wants to dig through that? Especially when he would have to dig deeper to make sure they stayed where they were put. That was it. He would have to start digging deeper. Another thing that worried him was the chance of somebody finding the bodies before he did. Nobody came that far into the property earlier than sunrise, and he was always awake and out on the porch by then. But what if? There was a gate at the end of his drive, but it was more for looks than to keep anyone out. Closing it only kept polite … Continue reading

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