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Time Sanding Still (no, it’s not spelled wrong)

Okay, so I just finished my #ThursdayWriteUp post a little while ago (If you don’t know what that is look to the right and click on that section!). Then I sat back down to work on my #FridaySnippets post and – you’re not going to believe this – my mind began to wander. I guess I wasn’t done with my write- up for today because that’s what I was thinking about. Call it “post-post jitters” or (and more likely) procrastination. Either way works and I’m not too upset about it because it’s only given me something new to write about. It’s not really the post itself I was thinking about, something that I included as one of my distractions this week. I’ve changed my mind. I’m not so sure it can be labeled a distraction, at least not to the negative. While I was working on building new living room furniture this week I had a few “moments”. No, I didn’t break down and cry or freak out and throw tools all over the yard. Quite the … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 2 – Kindle-ing wood be my excuse

The clouds have retreated and the temperature’s dropped a bit. It’s that beautiful time of year when I get to switch the thermostat to “off” and have all the windows open by sunrise. Perfect weather for getting things done, and I’m not one to ignore that opportunity. I’ve had an enormously productive week! Well, sort of. I’ll go straight to word count: Um… a few. Somewhere between 2-3,000 (productive) words. As we all know, in reality, we actually tap out more than our final word count by the end of it all. (TypeTypeType – Highlight – DELETE!) That said, I didn’t actually do much deleting this week. My “tap count” was really that low. Why? Part of it can be blamed on the beautiful weather – perfect for home improvement type projects like this: The rest I will shamelessly blame on three new things I purchased this week: Pressfield’s “the War of Art”, Clare Davidson’s “Trinity” and my new Kindle (Yes, I finally joined the modern age this last weekend.) Yep. I’ve been reading more than writing … Continue reading

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