#FridaySnippets 1 – “Bodies”

For my first “official” #FridaySnippets snippet I’m posting the first brain-spill of a new idea. So far I see it as, most likely, a short story when I’m through with it but we all know how these things sometimes turn out. 😉

Okay, enough “blah blah blah”. Here’s what I am calling, for now, “Bodies”:

Clyde sat on his front porch with his legs crossed and lit his first cigarette of the day.

It was such a beautiful place to live. The hills, the trees, the wildlife and a little creek running through the middle of it all. Paradise. Except for the bodies.

Not every morning, but definitely most mornings he would wake up and they were there. Sometimes they were just lying there as if they were asleep. That wasn’t so bad. No mess to clean up. Just carry the body away to dispose of it.

It was much less fun when he had to look around for body parts and pull the hose around to wash down the “dump site”. That was what they called it on those TV crime shows when discovered a body in a place that was not the place where death occurred. It seemed that’s how it was happening, so that’s what he would call it – “The dump site”.

How nice it would be to wake in the morning for a week straight and have no mess to clean up. But, even though he knew who was responsible, he couldn’t make him stop. Talking to him was useless and there was no way to keep him from coming around. There was also no way he would kill him any more than he would want to kill himself.

So that was that. He would just keep moving the bodies.

Clyde let the last drag of his cigarette out with a sigh, crushed the butt in the ashtray and went around the side of the house to get the hose.

Thanks for reading my #FridaySnippet! Feel free to… no, check that. PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments below I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for spending time with me today!


8 Responses to #FridaySnippets 1 – “Bodies”

  1. Very intriguing. I really want to know who the killer is and why! Also, how has Clyde ended up with the job of cleaning up the mess? Definitely an opening that hooks the reader.

  2. G.R. Bliss says:

    I’m sorry to say that the rest of today is for shopping in the “big city” (It’s my “Saturday” 😉 but you will find out soon. VERY soon!

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Reminds me of I Am Legend. The tone seems casual but with hints of a darker side. Very intriguing and I agree with Clare, I want to know who and why!

  4. Very intriguing. Short and sweet. Enough to make me wonder what’s next.

  5. You’ve got me hooked! Clyde is an interesting character and the story itself drew me in. I want to know more about it. Who the killer is, why Clyde has to clean up, and if police will ever get involved.

  6. G.R. Bliss says:

    What will really get you is when you find out what inspired the story and how it’s changed (and why!) just since I’ve posted it! 😉

    Thank you! 😀

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