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#ThursdayWriteUp 1 – Here goes nuttin’!

It’s that time again! Okay, the truth? This is my first time. Yep. I’ve not posted my weekly writing progress on my blog before. Not as a regular practice anyway. “So why the sudden urge to start a new habit?” Well, I was taking my usual 5 hour minute break on Twitter yesterday and got to thinking about what I was going to post for my #FridaySnippets (you’ll have to wait ’til Friday to find out) and I thought “Hey! I wonder if there’s anything out there in the writing community for Thursdays”. So I asked. Clare Davidson (@ClareMDavidson) answered the tweet and we found that we knew of nothing directly. I sat here scratching my head. Then brilliance struck! Not my brilliance, of course. This is not a work of fiction. It was the brilliance of Clare Davidson in the form of her next tweet: “@GRBliss Or better still, start something off like @cscruttwell and I did with #sentenceaday“ GENIUS! Long story short: We tossed around a few hashtags and decided on #ThursdayWriteUp to use as a … Continue reading

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