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Art Begets Art

It seems that we writer types, as well as other artists, are always addressing creative inspiration issues. Most common, from what I’ve seen, are writer’s block, distractions (other projects, kids, pets, telemarketers…) and scheduling conflicts. But what about our “other creative self”? Take a look at a few writer’s profiles. This will most likely work with other types, but we’ll stick to writers for this example. Done? Great! Did you happen to notice that most, if not all, mentioned an artistic ability/commitment/interest other than writing? If your answer is “no”, then I know that you didn’t actually check. If you looked at my Twitter profile you read: “Writer, philosopher, entertainer, motorcycle/hot rod surgeon, professional coffee drinker and all-around nice guy.” Now, in my opinion, all but one would be considered creative talents/interests (yes, I consider “being a nice guy” a creative talent at times. Wouldn’t you agree?). To add to that list, I also paint (oils), dabble in photography, re-engineer anything I can take apart, cook with a wild imagination and cut/chip/shave/join/turn wood into furniture and artistic … Continue reading

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