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Another wasted day from writer’s block? What if I told you that I would pay you $1,000.00 to write a two thousand word piece today about anything? Anything! No rules about subject, genre, style or purpose. Fiction or non-fiction. Would that pique your interest? Wait! That’s not all! What if I said that I would pay you that $1,000.00 – today, in cash, immediately after I had the 2,000 words in my hot little hands – for just the first draft? That’s right, the first. The one that came from that first session of your fingers flying across your keyboard to reach 2,000 words without regard for structure, spelling, punctuation, content flow, etc. Would you stop what you were working on and write something? I mean, that’s not bad pay, is it? Especially when you consider there would be no proofreading, editing, rearranging or rewriting. Just type ’til you hit 2,000! And, if you’re inclined to do the math, I should be somewhere around 200 words by the time I finish this paragraph, and I’ve only been thinking … Continue reading

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