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#FridaySnippets 11 – Friday Writing Game

After a few weeks of “unplugging” for the holidays (and, quite frankly, not writing much at all) I had no idea what to use for my next #FridaySnippets. Thanks to Ruth Ellen Parlour for solving that issue with her idea to play a little game with #FridaySnippets this week! Here are the rules she posted on her site: Go grab a book. Any book. It doesn’t even have to be fiction. Flip to a random page and pull out a line at random; it doesn’t even have to be a full sentence. Write it down and for 15 mins, continue the story! Feel free to post your writing in the comments section and feel free to comment on other people’s or share the game on your own blog. Remember to have fun with this, it’s not a serious piece of writing so just get the juices flowing! The book I grabbed my line from is “Waking Lazarus” by T.L. Hines. [GREAT BOOK! Find it on Amazon and GoodReads] I’ve used bold type for the line from the … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 12 – MeNoTimeFo NaNoWriMo :(

I’m such a slacker. Well, when it comes to proving my absolute dedication to social media and blogging lately. Aside from this post – Blissful Moments – #532 – I’ve been almost non-existent on the internet going on two months now and, though I miss interacting with many of the wonderful people, I’m not feeling too bad about it. To clarify, I’ll give you another one of my bullet lists. I don’t feel bad about being scarce on the Internet lately because: I’ve accomplished much more in the last two months than any other THREE months in 2012. That’s all. I just feel that it takes at least two points to make a bullet list. Yeah, I’m one of “those”. I know, I know… I’m missing the whole point of having a “platform” in the digital world these days, right? Actually, I’m not. I’m simply not missing the point of having something worthwhile to place on that platform. Which brings me to my #ThursdayWriteUp for this past week month. I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year and … Continue reading

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Blissful Moments – #532

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#FridaySnippets 10 – A peek at my NaNoWriMo project

I’ve missed #FridaySnippets for a couple of weeks now because I’ve been extremely busy with all of my current projects. Sharing a good chunk of the blame for stealing Internet time is my NaNoWriMo project. Although I haven’t posted any progress on the NaNoWriMo site, I have been making some progress. That said, I’ve decided to post a little bit of it for my #FridaySnippets this week. FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 After all this planet had been through, Red wasn’t sure if it was right to think there might be some hope left. Only a few grains remained and, as far as he could tell, they had nothing left in them but mass. Retrospect offered nothing toward a silver lining in all of this. The world was gone and somehow he had lived to see it take it’s dying breath. Now what? The normal human response would be … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 11 – Late & Stuff

Hey everyone, I’m back! (for now) Yeah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything but hey, life happens, right? There are a few reasons and, since most of them still apply at the moment, you get bullet list today! 😉 Writing stuff Away from Internet connection (& stuff). Holiday season stuff Writing stuff NaNoWriMo stuff (yes, I’m still making an attempt even though I haven’t logged on to post progress since day 1) Music stuff Re-decorating stuff Writing stuff Secret project stuff Music stuff Travel stuff And a bunch of other stuff That’s it in a nutshell. On topic, I’ve written quite a bit for both “Boots” and “Bodies” and it seems the latter is gaining ground on the #1 priority campaign between the two. I’ve also done a bit for my NaNoWriMo effort, but haven’t put it all on my little laptop here to get an actual word count. I’d guess I’m somewhere between 10k 15k words so far. Not too impressive but I’m going to keep trying for that 50k mark. My “secret” … Continue reading

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#FridaySnippets 9 – “Good Samaritans”

I was going to post a snippet from “Boots” this morning until I realized that I had poured my coffee, turned on my laptop and gone to full-screen mode with terrible thoughts in my head. I have no idea what I will do with this little flash, if anything, but it was fun to write! FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 There wasn’t much food left but it didn’t matter at the moment. Brendan wasn’t feeling too hungry at this point. It was colder today. Not much, but enough to make him realize he would have to find a way to keep the weather outside where it belonged. If he could build a fire there was a chance he wouldn’t freeze to death by the time winter set in. Yeah, that would keep the frigid air at bay, but would also create a beautiful flicker of light and trail of … Continue reading

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#ThursdayWriteUp 10 – A little bit of everything

This week’s been, at best, a semi-productive week for my writing WIP’s. I’ve done some character building for “Bodies” and spent a few hours (total) working on the maps for the story. With the new characters I realized that the old maps didn’t work too well, so I broke out the heavy equipment and moved some roads and relocated a few folks. Boots received some attention this week in bits and pieces. No new chapters or full scenes, but quite a few little snippets tacked on to unfinished parts with a few prospective scenes thrown in. I expect to dedicate at least one full day, if not more, to this project over the next week. I would have liked to have a higher word count for the week but I’ve already found a bit of inspiration with the new landscape. To put it simply – If I take the time to transfer what’s bouncing around in my head into words over the next week, I could bring my average weekly word count on this project to a … Continue reading

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MUSIC REVIEW: Josh Doyle – New album release!

ALERT: SOLARSTORMS IS COMING! “Um…Mr. Bliss, shouldn’t that be ‘Solar storms ARE coming’?” Nope! No impending black-outs or fried astronauts (really?). But, in my opinion, its perfectly safe to assume that what I’m referring to will have a global impact on electronic devices, atmospheric conditions and the number of people suffering from Beltitinauto disorder (uncontrollable “car singing”). And it’s all Josh Doyle’s fault. You see, a few weeks ago I entered a contest to win an autographed copy of his upcoming CD… and I won! So, after listening to all the songs a few (bazillion) times, I decided I would make my return to music reviews with my take on the CD. Interested? Well, GREAT! Here ya go: Tomorrow (Tues, Oct. 23 2012) is when Josh Doyle releases his self titled CD which includes the recently released single “Solarstorms” – a track that’s as powerful and awe-inspiring as it’s namesake. The rest of the tracks on this CD are as impressive and refreshingly diverse. Though the overall feel of the CD is somewhere around alternative rock/Americana, it’s … Continue reading

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A Writer Is Born!

Today, I’m beaming with pride folks! No, I didn’t get a $64,000,000.00 book deal. Heck, I haven’t even finished the first draft on my current WIP. And I’m not pregnant (though, if I were, I’d probably be worth more than $64,000,000.00 soon enough). What I’m proud of today has very little to do with me, except for the fact that I may have had a hand in delivering a newborn today. One that will most likely go on to finish their first draft and get that $64,000,000.00 book deal! Not a “BABY” newborn. A newborn writer! *smiling and patiently waiting for the applause to cease* Just to be clear, all I did was poke them with a stick until they bled words offer gentle encouragement and a little humble advice to someone after they had expressed an interest in writing. But still, I’m excited! That’s one less person in the world that will think I’m a complete lunatic just because I never go anywhere without a pen and pad of paper. Enough of my ramblings. The real … Continue reading

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#FridaySnippets 8 – “Transits” (a side project)

This week’s #FridaySnippets is from one of my secondary projects. The working title is “Transits” but will likely change as I get closer to the final draft. This scene is a bit into the story so giving you a smidge of setup might not be a bad thing. On second thought, I think I’ll let it stand alone for now. I don’t want to spoil the beginning for you, do I? 😉 FAIR WARNING: This is taken from the first creative draft – fingers flying over the keyboard with reckless abandon (before any edits or corrections) – so be ready for some rough writing! 😉 After a few hours, the space in the back of the box truck seemed to lessen and conversation was nothing but a memory. Most of the men were in some state of meditation while others – the lucky ones – had actually fallen asleep. The truck’s engine suddenly slowed as one of the men in the cab pounded three times on the window that separated the two groups. As the echo of … Continue reading

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