MUSIC REVIEW: Josh Doyle – New album release!


“Um…Mr. Bliss, shouldn’t that be ‘Solar storms ARE coming’?”


No impending black-outs or fried astronauts (really?). But, in my opinion, its perfectly safe to assume that what I’m referring to will have a global impact on electronic devices, atmospheric conditions and the number of people suffering from Beltitinauto disorder (uncontrollable “car singing”).

And it’s all Josh Doyle’s fault.

You see, a few weeks ago I entered a contest to win an autographed copy of his upcoming CD… and I won! So, after listening to all the songs a few (bazillion) times, I decided I would make my return to music reviews with my take on the CD. Interested?

Well, GREAT! Here ya go:

Tomorrow (Tues, Oct. 23 2012) is when Josh Doyle releases his self titled CD which includes the recently released single “Solarstorms” – a track that’s as powerful and awe-inspiring as it’s namesake.

The rest of the tracks on this CD are as impressive and refreshingly diverse. Though the overall feel of the CD is somewhere around alternative rock/Americana, it’s clear that Josh is not only a die-hard music man, but also a huge fan of many genres. A truly unique blend of influences put together in a way that makes it almost seem like a contemporary tribute to the roots and evolution of musician-driven popular music.

Now throw in some perfectly executed vocals and – WOW!

When I first heard “Solarstorms”, it was on the Guitar Center website when they showcased Josh after winning their Singer/Songwriter contest. I watched the videos (two songs at the time) and thought “Hey, this guy’s great! I like his style!”. What can I say, I was ignorant at the time.

Josh Doyle doesn’t have a style. Let me put that another way: Josh Doyle doesn’t have just ONE style when it comes to vocals, he has styles. I’ve heard very few people take vocals to so many different extremes in just one album.

Make no mistake – Josh definitely has a voice that is unique and definable but, with his vocals there were times, had I not known any better, that I might have thought I was listening to a Goo Goo Dolls ballad… or 3rd Eye Blind… or maybe Rob Thomas. Other times, at least for a few moments, it was Ah-ha or Duran Duran. There was even a moment that I’m pretty sure he was channeling Neil Diamond (the rockin’ Neil Diamond, not the “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” one). Absolutely amazing vocal execution without losing the organic feel that makes this such a great piece of work and 100% Josh Doyle.

I’m on quite a tight schedule so I’ll have to wrap this up pretty quick. But, there’s no way I could post this without saying a few words about… well… his words!

As happy as I am that Josh learned to play the guitar and sing, the lyrics wouldn’t be suffering if he had not.

From pure, almost abstract poetry, to stories about a person’s quest for meaning, redemption, & direction in all aspects of life. From spiritual battles to the state of humanity to love and good old-fashioned heartbreak – it’s all there. And he’s got the uncanny ability to leave just enough room for us to find our own story in each song.

The music, vocals, lyrics – each could stand on their own. Together? I’ll say it again… WOW!

Well, it took me longer to get this finished than I had expected and the sun didn’t honor my request for a few extra hours today so I’d better wind down here.

To sum it all up I’ll leave you with what I sent to Josh on Twitter:

“The album: Great stories-perfect mix of melancholy/inspiration. MUSIC: Awesome mix of genres. Just flat audibly addictive. Stellar vocals.”

My advice? BUY THIS ALBUM!

Here’s where you can get it:

Josh Doyle’s Website

Like I said, this is my return to writing music reviews. I’ll talk about that on a later post, but I wanted to remind you to check back. 😉

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below! In fact, please do!

Thanks for spending time with me today!


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