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Write By Numbers

“By the age of 10 the average child will use up about 730 crayons. That adds up to about 11 boxes of 64 crayons.” Source: “Crayola Crayons – a love affair” – Bob Borson’s blog “Life of an Architect” Do you remember the first time you stayed inside the lines in your coloring book? How about the first time you completed a paint-by-numbers project that actually resembled the photo on the box? Imagine every aspect of your life having such a simple and well planned set of instructions and boundaries. EVERY aspect. Utopia? I think not. Life like that would be a bit boring, not to mention, a little creepy. It would make Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” look like Woodstock. In his article “Why Socialists Don’t Believe in Fun” George Orwell wrote: “Nearly all creators of Utopia have resembled the man who has toothache, and therefore thinks happiness consists in not having toothache. They wanted to produce a perfect society by an endless continuation of something that had only been valuable because it was temporary. The wider course … Continue reading

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