“Killing Clause”

NOTE: If you didn’t get to this particular part of my site through the post “Personal Writing Challenge”, you will want to go there first to understand what you are reading here. If you’d rather not, please understand that what you are reading on this page is a completely rough, first draft clip of a story, posted as a part of the Personal Writing Challenge article.

That said, whichever you choose, thanks for spending time with me and enjoy!

“There is a God” he thought as he opened his eyes. He couldn’t yet smell it, but he heard the coffee pot kick on and start to sputter, and that was one of the first two things he was thankful for every day. The other was, of course, that he woke up to see another day. He wasn’t an extremely religious man, but he grew up going to church and knew that the Big Guy was looking out for him. He had to be.

He rolled onto his back, rubbed his eyes and the pressed his skull between his hands for few seconds waiting for that moment when he knew, absolutely, that he was truly awake and not just dreaming. He got out of bed and went through his morning routine; Bathroom, sweat pants, t-shirt and a cup of coffee. Then he went to his porch to smoke a couple of cigarettes while he watch the sunrise and wait for his brain to kick on.

* * *

And so it began. Another day in the hills. Nobody around. Nothing but clouds in the sky and bales on the ground. Something had to give. Enough was enough. A man couldn’t go on like this forever, could he? Not that he didn’t like the hills. Or the bales, for that matter. And better than both of those, he actually liked the “nobody around” part. I mean, who needed to be bothered all the time when there was so much to do? There wasn’t much to his day today as far as he could tell. Mostly the same old drudgery that is the sum of every day of his life. But there were at least a few things he wanted to get done today that were a little less than usual for him.

Gardening wasn’t really his thing normally, but that was one thing on the list today. He was definitely use to getting his hands dirty. And sometimes even with actual DIRT. But, before today, he had never gotten them dirty trying to actually make something grow!

Another cup of mud and another smoke and he’d walk out there and take a look at things one more time before he got started.


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