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Writer’s Voice or Voices?

I’ve struggled with this thing called “writing voice” lately. It’s not because I don’t understand it and it’s not because I don’t have a pretty good idea what my “voice” in writing would be at any given time. It’s because, after reading tons of blogs and articles on the subject, I’ve come to realize that I have more than one. A little background. From my youngest days I’ve been on stage for one reason or another and have learned the value of finding the proper “voice” for a performance. At about five years old I began singing in my church choir. That led to many years of performing in various types of groups in my lifetime. From Madrigals and the Chamber Choir in high school and college, to musicals, coffee shops, campfires and few attempts at becoming a “rock star”. I was such a great musician and singer that I became a writer, but that’s not my point here. When I was performing Chamber Music, especially during a solo, my delivery was very “traditional” or “proper” (Think … Continue reading

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