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Writer, Do You Know Your Job Description?

One of the most powerful fears a writer experiences is one of not being accepted. The fear that others will not like what we write. It’s what leaves us staring at our first line in terror. It’s what makes us tell the first person to read it “I’m not sure I’m done with it yet but…”. It’s what causes that stuttering pause as we position our mouse pointer over the “post now” button. And sometimes, it’s what makes us realize we have reached the end of our “work day” and have nothing to show for it but a blinking cursor. But, is fear really the culprit when “writing time” ends and you have nothing to show for it? I suppose, at some level, it is. But, I don’t believe that fear is always the most generous contributor when it comes to our days of distraction. I believe it is almost the opposite. Our enthusiasm to learn and hone our craft. Yeah, I’ve read a LOT of information and advice lately. And, as I mentioned in my earlier … Continue reading

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