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You may have seen me lurking around some of the Twitter hashtags lately (#MyWANA, #amwriting, #writing, #writetips, and a few others) and quite possibly, you have not. You may have even been to this site before. If that’s the case, I sincerely apologize for the current lack of content . That will soon change. But that doesn’t answer the burning question.

“Dude. Who are you?”

I am Greg Bliss (GR Bliss). I am a writer. I have been a writer, of one sort or another, for most of my life. I won’t bore you with the details of each little jot-jog I’ve taken throughout my lifetime and I’ll spare you the odd list of professional endeavors altogether (though, if it’s tearing at you so badly that you just have to know right this minute, as I’m sure it is, just look up and find “about me” for now). But I have written. This and that, when my “real” job description called for writing to be done. I’ve always been one to take that opportunity.

Copy for radio, ads and short blurbs for newspapers and magazines, policy/procedure manuals, corporate communications (internal and public), blah blah blah…

Yeah, I wrote. And, though it all took a good deal of creativity to be effective, I don’t think I’ll be bragging about my literary genius during that time. I only wrote because I had to. Had to sell something. Had to “lay down the new law”. Had to communicate, diplomatically, some boring corporate ultimatum or excuse. And if it was a bright and sunny day… craft soothing blurb to avoid liability issues. I learned, very well, the power of the written word. But…

It was long before then that my love for writing was born. I was a child. I wrote constantly. Stories, jokes, songs, scripts for little plays we would put on. Hey, as long as it wasn’t homework I’d hold a pen or pencil to it!

Enough about my life experience for now. The reason for this post is actually about my future.

I now spend my time writing for the love of it. You see no real earth-shaking examples of it here and, if you’re a literary critic… well, let’s just say, I hope you don’t have a red pen in close proximity. I’d hate to see your computer screen when you’re done with this!

Now, to my point.

Once I decided to take on writing as a full-time career, I became a bit uneasy. How am I going to turn this into something worthwhile? I don’t know much about what it actually takes to be a “real” writer.

That brings me back to those funny little hashtags on Twitter. If you’re already a part of that community, you already know what I’m talking about. But for those who don’t…

All I can say is “Wow! If you want to learn about being a writer and don’t have a clue where to start…” Yep, you can figure the rest out.

In a relatively short amount of time I have found more information, direction and support in the writing community than I would have ever thought possible. People from all corners of the industry are out there trying to help!

Needless to say, I’ve been up to my ears reading blogs, e-books and newsletters on writing. I’ve managed to hack out a few thousand words here and there through it all. Wait… make that a few thousand more than normal… per week! Yeah, it’s that much fuel! Having a community filled with so much passion and desire to share is a most wonderful thing.

And that brings me to my final thoughts (and then one real good “Here ya go!”).

Though most of you don’t realize who you are yet – thank you for all your inspiration and guidance so far. I look forward to my new life’s work and to, hopefully, working with many of you through it.

If you are an aspiring writer – Embrace this community and get to writing! Check out writer’s blogs. Give Twitter a go! (the hashtags above are a good start!) And write!

Ready for the “Here ya go!”? Well, what I originally started writing was going to be a short “thank you for the kick in the butt” to Jeff Goins for his e-books “How to Get Published Without Trying” and “Every Writer’s Dream” (among other writings, both e-books and on his blog!). They’ve been tremendous motivators chock-full of information and great advice! Also, check out his free course “Intentional Blogging”. It’s keeping me busy and I’m enjoying every minute of it! THANKS JEFF!

So… HERE YA GO! http://goinswriter.com/get-published

Oh, and make sure to check out “The Writer’s Manifesto” on his page too. (I think I found new wallpaper for my office)

Thanks for spending time with me!

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