Site Building (almost) – Day 3

It’s day 3 of my new site building adventure and I’m at it again. No promises about any visible changes to the site other than this post. It’s a designated partial day off so I will be letting my laptop enjoy some lower internal temperatures for a few hours today. Heck, I may even force my handy little smart phone to be dumb for the day.

I will, however, be “braining” at some level all day. It’s a bit difficult to shut down when I’m excited about something and, like I said in my post yesterday… this is fun!

Anyway, this post is not about that, but I wanted to at least give you an update on my progress just in case you were sitting in front of your monitor gnawing your fingernails down to your second knuckle in anticipation.

What is truly on my mind today is a bit of appreciation for my life. Specifically, for where I am now. Today. This very minute.

There is nothing particularly newsworthy, or for that matter, much different from any other minute of any other day in my life, but I am happy. Life is good.

I’m not going to bore you with the sordid details of how I have learned to appreciate life and ramble on about things like silver linings and how I was able to turn all those lemons into a delicious, frosty beverage. We all have social media sites to read for that stuff, right?

“Okay! So get to the point!” you say.

I love my job. That’s it. Momentary retro/introspective attention that led me to a cliché conclusion that, I’m pretty sure, we all share in some way.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live a fairly colorful life so far and, though I tend to consider my choices a few seconds longer these days, my palette has only grown over the years and that makes for a promising future… especially for a writer!

I’ll leave you with that for now, but know that I will re-visit this in more depth some day.

And you thought I was going to get all mushy and philosophical.

Thanks for spending this time with me. Time to go paint the day!

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