A while back…

I started writing a piece on “charity” that was only supposed to be about two thousand words or so long. However, once I got started, I realized that there was much more to say than what would fit in that few words. As most people who are close to me know, I have a tendency to ramble a bit in conversations, so this is a common happening, even in writing.

The original title for the essay was “Charity”. But once I started travelling down that road, I realized that there was much more than “Charity” going on in my head. So many things are connected to the subject and can’t possibly be approached, with respect, if not given their own space and focus.

That said, I am embarking on a journey through the social, ethical, and moral landscape that we create when we embrace words like charity and attempt to use them in both thought and practice, whether we truly understand what they mean. Or better yet, whether we are doing so according to the original meaning of a word, phrase or concept… or have decided to take a less traditional approach.

These are the things, in general, that fascinate me about subjects like this. I sit down to tap out a few words on a subject, then realize that I have already spent more time thinking about that subject than I ever realized before. I mean, how else would I have such formed thoughts and opinions that instantly pop into mind while my fingers do their dance?

(More later…)


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  1. A. Wesley says:

    I can’t wait to read it!

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